Re: New discoveries in the EEPro100 init saga

From: Dragan Stancevic (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 16:33:10 EST

On Sat, Dec 23, 2000, Udo A. Steinberg <sorisor@Hell.WH8.TU-Dresden.De> wrote:
; Hi all,
; After enabling the option "EEPRO100_PM" and upgrading to test13-pre4
; my problems with the eepro100 driver mysteriously ceased to exist.
; I no longer see any "Card reports no RX buffers" or "Card reports no
; resources" messages.
; Since I don't think -pre4 changed anything from -pre3 that would
; affect the eepro100 driver, my bet is that enabling the experimental
; power management feature somehow works around the issue.
; Can others who've had similar problems check if that works for them
; as well? If it does, it should be somewhat simple to work out what
; the problem actually is, because the PM code is just a couple dozen
; lines.


the driver has an issue that is affected by fiddling with different
parameters, it's a timing issue of somesort, changing a bit of code
seems to fix it on one system but it breaks it on others, I am comparing
the driver line by line to the specs to see where the misbehavioure
could be comming from.

I knew I was alone, I was scared, it was getting dark and
it was a hardware problem.

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