Re: innd mmap bug in 2.4.0-test12

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 13:57:41 EST

> > I use ramfs for /tmp on my laptop -- it's very handy because it
> > extends the amount of the the disk had spent spun down and therefore
> > battery life; but writing large files into /tmp can blow away the
> > system or at the very least eat away at otherwise usable ram. Not
> > terribly desirable.
> Jeff Garzik had the code to do this, and the new shared memory code should
> be able to be massaged to handle this all without actually bloating the
> kernel (ie "ramfs" would still stay very very tiny, just taking advantage
> of the common code that the VM layer already has to support for other
> things).

The ramfs maintainer has patches (in -ac) which deal with the size limiting
of RAMfs. I'm using it on a PDA and its really really nice to be able to
pop up a GUI app and drag the bar to '60% for apps' like other PDA systems ;)

They do touch the core vm/vfs code for one callback, which would be nice to
lose but not obvious it can be

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