Re: Linux 2.2.19pre3

From: Matthias Andree (
Date: Thu Dec 28 2000 - 05:23:05 EST

On Thu, 28 Dec 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > > o VIA686a timer reset to 18Hz background (Vojtech Pavlik)
> >
> > I patched my 2.2.18-ma2 with that patch to see if that helps me off my
> > sys time slowness, but it does unfortunately not help.
> Thats unrelated

Ok, that's what I eventually figured by looking at the code as well.

> > I have my system clock drift roughly -1 s/min, though my CMOS clock is
> > fine unless tampered with.
> Unless its a driver holding off irqs for a long time your only option is
> probably to replace the crystals on the board with ones that are more
> accurate.

Wait a minute, this is a new board. I had a suspicion, and I have a new
suspect, can we investigate this?

I have used the same kernel, with the VIA 686a patch, but left some
config options out:

# diff -U1 -Nur <(egrep -v '^(#|$)' linux-2.2.18-ma3/.config) <(egrep -v
'^(#|$)' linux-2.2.18-try/.config)
--- /dev/fd/63 Thu Dec 28 11:20:05 2000
+++ /dev/fd/62 Thu Dec 28 11:20:05 2000
@@ -30,6 +30,2 @@

I rebooted, and since I left APM out, the system clock is alright since
63 mins. Might the APM BIOS CPU IDLE calls be related? I did *not* enable
CONFIG_APM_ALLOW_INTS. I'll investigate this right now and report back
what I find.

> adjtimex will let you tell Linux the clock on the board is crap too

Where is the source for the adjtimex /program/? SuSE don't bring

Matthias Andree
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