test13-preX: DRM (tdfx.o) unresolved symbols fixed?

From: Dieter Nützel (Dieter.Nuetzel@hamburg.de)
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 20:54:08 EST

Hello to all of you,

I got this since test13-pre1 (pre4, now):

SunWave1>depmod -e
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in
depmod: remap_page_range
depmod: _mmx_memcpy
depmod: __wake_up
depmod: mtrr_add
depmod: __generic_copy_from_user
depmod: schedule
depmod: kmalloc
depmod: si_meminfo
depmod: create_proc_entry
depmod: inter_module_put
depmod: __get_free_pages
depmod: boot_cpu_data
depmod: inter_module_get
depmod: remove_wait_queue
depmod: high_memory
depmod: iounmap
depmod: free_pages
depmod: __ioremap
depmod: del_timer
depmod: interruptible_sleep_on
depmod: __pollwait
depmod: kfree
depmod: remove_proc_entry
depmod: pci_find_slot
depmod: kill_fasync
depmod: fasync_helper
depmod: add_wait_queue
depmod: do_mmap_pgoff
depmod: mem_map
depmod: sprintf
depmod: jiffies
depmod: printk
depmod: add_timer
depmod: irq_stat
depmod: __generic_copy_to_user

Something missing in the 'new' drm/Makefile?


Dieter Nützel
Graduate Student, Computer Science

University of Hamburg Department of Computer Science Cognitive Systems Group Vogt-Kölln-Straße 30 D-22527 Hamburg, Germany

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