Re: test13-pre4... udf problem with dvd access vs test12

From: Mohammad A. Haque (
Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 10:49:18 EST

I just captured the oops.

It happens when you try to mount (mount -t udf /dev/foo /mnt/bar) an
encrypted dvd. At least it does on my end. Unencrypted dvds mount fine.

ksymoops coming soon.

Frank Jacobberger wrote:
> Odd happening here. Been running good as gold through test12 with
> accessing my dvd to using oms. Now updating to test13-pre4
> I get a complete lock up of my whole system when executing oms.
> I can access the drive via mounting it... with no trouble what ever.
> Here is a snip from my message file.... No clue what to test for here...
> Perhaps udf.c is the problem?
> Any ideas?


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