Re: css hang; somewhere between test12 and test13pre4ac2

From: Dave Gilbert (
Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 08:38:46 EST

On Mon, 25 Dec 2000, Jens Axboe wrote:

> The most likely suspect (as someone else pointed out) is not at
> all css (I'm not even sure what you mean by css hang?) but UDF.

I mean a complete system hang when playing a CSS disc - doesn't even ping.
Doesn't recover.

> Given the fs changes. Since sysrq still works, it would help a
> lot if you could capture sysrq-p repeatedly and send it in.

I think at this point the only thing that works is sysrq-b - at least the
sysrq-u's and sysrq-s's that I've given don't seem to have cleanly
unmounted the file system.
> Do you have any non-css discs to beat on UDF?

Yep one disc (Scanners) - it is fine - hence my reason for beleiving it is
a CSSism (although I guess CSS makes other demands on the UDF code).


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