shmat returning NULL with 0 sized segment

From: Dave Gilbert (
Date: Sun Dec 24 2000 - 20:13:41 EST

  I'm trying to debug a weird problem with Xine - its screwing up its use
of shared memory for regions I haven't sussed yet. One odd consequence is
that it has apparently successfully managed to allocate a 0 byte chunk of
shared memory; shmat is then called with shmaddr=0 and shmflg=0; the
result of shmat is 0

  Is this what shmat is supposed to do in this (admittedly odd)
circumstance? The error behaviour is defined in the man page as returning
-1 on error.

(Linux/Alpha 2.4.0-test8)

Back to trying to find out why it decided to allocate a 0 byte chunk....


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