booting without VGA

From: Abraham vd Merwe (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 05:28:53 EST


I'm currently wokring on a embedded system for a camera device. It runs
linux and we use the M-Systems DiskOnChip driver (a seperate module
available from their site) for storage and as a boot device.

The problem is if we boot with a kernel WITH vga support enabled, it boots
fine. If we disable vga support it doesn't seem to boot. What makes it even
stranger is that if we boot with that same non-vga kernel using an IDE disk
as boot device it also boots fine.

Solving the problem is probably trivial, but I have no way of
debugging/finding out the problem since I can't see the error message or at
what point the kernel stops working.

Remember it doesn't get to the point where syslogd could start, so I can't
save the bootup messages to disk or anything.

Also if I enable vga support the error disappears, so I'm sitting with a
catch-22 situation.

Any ideas how I can found out/debug the cause of the problem?

PS: Could you please post answers to me personally, I'm not subscribed to
the mailinglist


Regards Abraham

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