Oops on booting stock RH6

From: Alison Stewart (torquill@foogod.com)
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 02:40:42 EST

We built a new system a little while ago, and have been trying to track
down a problem. There's a stock Red Hat 6.2 install on it (Athlon 700
Thunderbird, Asus A7V board, 128M RAM). Windows runs fine, go figure.

The system crashes on boot of the linux partition. Unfortunately, this
does mean that we haven't been able to run ksymoops or get any of the
system files, so all we've got is what's on screen, including any
visible system messages before that point. (Obviously, the stock CDROM
kernel boots fine, as we can install linux in the first place.)

We have swapped out the motherboard and CPU with others of the same
model, with no effect; we have also tried different RAM (and another
install of RH6.2 on another hard drive) with no success. Plus multiple
reinstalls, etc., etc. We're beginning to look narrowly at the power
supply, by this point... :)

Without proper info, it's a stab in the dark, but has anyone seen
something like this before?


-- Alison
  Alison Stewart (aka Luna Torquill)
  Foogod Enterprises (www.foogod.com)
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