Controlling subsystem power using APM

From: Thomas Hood (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 15:24:32 EST


For the purpose of minimizing power consumption on
a ThinkPad 600 laptop I would like to be able
to issue "set power state" and "get power state"
commands to the APM BIOS so as to power down the
serial port and other subsystems. However the apm
code does not presently support this. I have submitted
a patch request to the apm code maintainer; my message
(#76) can be found at:

Is this the right way to go about things?

If it is a badi idea to add this sort of functionality
 to the apm driver then an alternative would be
to export the address of the APM BIOS so that I
could call it myself from a kernel module.

Thomas Hood
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