ECN fixes for Cisco gear

From: Dax Kelson (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 12:48:27 EST

The two main culprits for ECN breakage are Cisco PIX, and Cisco Local

Here is the fix for PIX:

    Bud ID: CSCds23698
    Headline: PIX sends RSET in response to tcp connections with ECN
 bits set
    Product: PIX
    Component: fw
    Severity: 2 Status: R [Resolved]
    Version Found: 5.1(1) Fixed-in Version: 5.1(2.206) 5.1(2.207)

Here is the fix for Local Director:

Bug Id : CSCds40921
 Headline: LD rejects syn with reserved bits set in flags field of TCP
 Product: ld
 Component: rotor
 Severity: 3 Status: R [Resolved]
 Version Found: 3.3(3) Fixed-in Version:


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