RE: Updated 2.4 TODO List - more on PCI resources...]

From: Dunlap, Randy (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 16:22:32 EST

I'm not familiar with yenta controllers/devices,
and I'm not trying to throw you a tasty red herring,

yenta_config_init() does
    config_writeb(socket, PCI_CACHE_LINE_SIZE, 32);

Is this writing to the CardBus bridge or to the device's
CacheLineSize register?

If the latter, and given that PCI_CACHE_LINE_SIZE is in
units of 4-byte "words", is 32 [= 128 bytes] a good value
to use? If so, why?

Or is it OK because it is setting a PCI bridge device's
cache line size?

>From TI's PCI1451 GJG CardBus controller spec:
4.8 Cache Line Size Register
The cache line size register is programmed by host software to indicate
the system cache line size.


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