unresolved symbols in ipx module

From: John Williams (williams@morinda.com)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 15:16:07 EST

About a year ago there was a short thread about unresolved symbols in the
ipx module, which doesn't appear to have come to a solution. I have just
had the same problem, and have some new information to add.

(kernel 2.2.16 on Redhat 6.2)

The problem: "depmod -ae" says
depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.2.16/misc/ipx.o
depmod: make_EII_client
depmod: destroy_EII_client
depmod: register_8022_client_Rsmp_934262ba
depmod: unregister_8022_client_Rsmp_7acef15d
depmod: register_snap_client_Rsmp_612bcc66
depmod: unregister_snap_client_Rsmp_9abefc50
depmod: make_8023_client
depmod: destroy_8023_client

The cause:
I was running a kernel without ipx capabilities, but decided I wanted to
mount some Netware volumes. So I assumed I could just compile the
appropriate modules, add them to the running kernel, and away I go...

Unfortunately the above error happens.

Looking around the kernel sources, I see that the symbols are defined in
net/ethernet/pe2.c, net/802/p8022.c, net/802/p8023.c, and net/802/psnap.c.
If I understand the Makefiles correctly, the EII, 8022, and snap symbols
are compiled directly into the kernel, but only if IPX_CONFIG is defined.

This means to add ipx to the kernel, I have to rebuild the entire kernel
and boot with it in order to satisfy the dependancies. I cannot just
compile it as a module and add it because it has non-modular dependancies.

OTOH, make_8023_client and destroy_8023_client are already in the kernel,
but are still not resolving. I haven't figured that out yet. Any hints?

I hope this defines the problem well enough that someone more experienced
than me can fix it. Or give me some pointers on what to do. I assume it
would require making pe2, p8022, p8023, and psnap modular, but I don't
know how to do that yet.

~ John Williams

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