SPX code

From: Hal Duston (hald@sound.net)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 12:57:58 EST

> 7. Obvious Projects For People (well if you have the hardware..)
> * Fix SPX socket code
I would like to see this happen, and would like to offer to
help. I have a NW 3.12 system and a Linux 2.2.17 system on
10base2. I am currently trying to get an spx client on Linux
to talk to an spx server on Netware. I would not currently
be comfortable coding in the network drivers, but can test
things. FYI: in the current 2.2 code, the connect shows up
on the Netware server, but never returns in the Linux client.

Thanks, and not subscribed to the list,
Hal Duston

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