Asynchronous notifications from networking device drivers

Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 07:07:35 EST

What's the best way to get proprietary notifications from networking device
drivers? I need to get notification data through ioct-interface but I need
some way to signal that data is ready. The only way I can think of is to put
pending request from user-mode to kernel-mode and release it from driver
every time when something happens. Can anybody think of anything else?

Another question is that what are being disabled when hard_start_xmit is
being called (bottom-halves, softirq, ...). In 2.2.16 it looks like
bottom_halves are disabled during the call. The reason why I'm asking this
is that: if network adapter A receives data and sends it to networking
stack, is it possible that stack routes the data to network adapter B during
the same bottom-half?
Best Regards, Mikko
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