Re: 0 size files in linux-2.2.17.tar.gz

From: Peter Samuelson (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 21:26:53 EST

[Jan-Benedict Glaw]
> Your kernel was probably patched te become a 2.2.17. The "problem"
> is diff. It can
> - add lines
> - remove lines
> - add files
> but it *cannot remove files. The only way to "remove" a file is to
> delete all ist contents, but the (empty) file remains...

You mean you don't use 'patch -E'?

Hmmm, the kernel README file doesn't mention -E either.

It also says to use -p0, which only works if your kernel directory is
still named 'linux', which doesn't tend to last long when you start
managing multiple trees.

Alan, would you put this in 2.2.18pre? The '-p1' part isn't essential
-- though it's a good habit to get into -- but '-E' can be in some
cases. (Remember arch/i386/checksum.c?)


--- 2.2.15/README~ Mon Aug 9 14:04:38 1999
+++ 2.2.15/README Thu Oct 12 21:20:36 2000
@@ -54,15 +54,15 @@
    latest kernel.
  - You can also upgrade between 2.2.xx releases by patching. Patches are
- distributed in the traditional gzip and the new bzip2 format. To
+ distributed in the traditional gzip and the newer bzip2 format. To
    install by patching, get all the newer patch files and do
- cd /usr/src
- gzip -cd patchXX.gz | patch -p0
+ cd /usr/src/linux
+ gzip -cd ../patchXX.gz | patch -Ep1
- cd /usr/src
- bzip2 -dc patchXX.bz2 | patch -p0
+ cd /usr/src/linux
+ bzip2 -cd ../patchXX.bz2 | patch -Ep1
    (repeat xx for all versions bigger than the version of your current
    source tree, _in_order_) and you should be ok. You may want to remove
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