Re: VM: do_try_to_free_memory failed for XXXX, 2.2.17, 2.2.18pre3

From: Krzysztof Sierota (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 17:47:39 EST

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, Roy C. Bixler wrote:
> I just had our mail server running 2.2.18pre15 (compiled with GCC
> go unresponcive yesterday. The console was flooded with
> 'do_try_to_free_pages failed' messages for various processes and had to be
> hard booted to the last stable kernel, which for us is 2.2.16. I noticed
> a few minutes before the crash that both 'kupdate' and 'kswapd' were stuck
> in the D state and WCHAN for each was 'wait_on_buffer'. I got advice from
> Marcelo Tosatti to try out the following Andrea Arcangeli patch:
> I feel I can't do that since it's a production machine, but I would be
> very interested if your crash sounds anything like ours and if you found a
> way to make 2.2.18pre* work on your machine.
Our 3 machines went unresponsive, just the way you describe it. The error
was the same. We had this on 2.2.17 and on 2.2.18pre3 , didn't try 2.2.18pre15.
Marcelo Tosati assembled a kernel for us that had Andrea Arcangeli patches
applied and some other stuff that we needed, and the machines are stable
since then. All our machines run under very _heavy_ disk IO operations.
Loads between 15-30 most of the time.
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