UDP functions...

From: z (figa@it.mailandnews.com)
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 02:54:53 EST

Hello, I'm a new entry in this kernel mailing list.
I'm working on udp functions (those in ipv4/udp.c) and I'm focusing on
"udp_sendmsg(..)" and "udp_recvmsg". I'm trying to understand what is the
duty, what these next functions(used by udp_sendmsg and/or udp_recvmsg) really


I presume that they are IP functions (quite silly!) but I don't know what they
do, what functions they use and if they are necessary for my purposes.

I must get an udp packet from an input using directly udp_.. functions.
My problem now is to try to understand how the engine works.

I'm quite new to linux kernel programming.

Many thanx to every one helps me.


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