nfs on a 2.4.0

Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 19:22:55 EST

I'm running linux-2.4.0-test9-pre7-riel on a 386 netstation, using
etherboot and rootfs. Rootfs works fine. But ...

Normally I mount /bin, /var, /etc, /lib (minimal) via rootfs, where they
are required for booting, and operation of the box, and once booting
has started, I mount /usr, /sbin and so on via conventional nfs, as
there are needed for read only they can be shared amongst many

Rootfs works fine, but attempting to mount other directories via
nfs causes problems. Error messages like : RPC: sendmsg returned
error 101, nfs warning: mount version is older than kernel, lockd_up:
no pid, 7 users appear during the attempt at the netstation; there
are no error indications on logs at the nfs hosting machine.

I can sometimes read /sbin, but at other times the 386 box locks up;
there seems to be some nfs info from the hosting machine, but the
netstation seems to ignore it.

It is possible I need a "newer" mount to mount the file system
effectively on a 2.4.0 kernel; rootfs which relies only on stuff
inside the kernel, works OK. If this is the case, where would you
find such a binary ?

I'm not on the kernel list; please forward replies to my email


John August

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