Re: cs46xx only works as a module - only outputs sound when pcm/dsp is in

From: David Ford (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 13:46:25 EST

(to alan)

Alan Cox wrote:

> > I am interested in this too because a) I am the bad guy that did the 2.4 port
> > and therefor may be the one to blame for it and b) if a) is true I'll have to go
> > and fix it.
> No its something I've not yet fixed...
> cs_ac97_set needs to check nore than CD_VOL.
> The if(reg == AC97_CD_VOL) probably should become
> if(interesting_input(reg))
> and use that register over the whole routine to fetch/compare/check.
> Where interesting_input is probably MIC or CD or LINE ?

I'm using the aux audio input for my tv card's output. It's meant to be used for a
second cdrom or similar device.


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