Re: __bad_udelay in 2.2.18pre15

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 13:04:41 EST

>> Well, at first, I wanted to implement it the same way on PPC. However, it
>> dies on all occurences where udelay is called with a non-constant
>__builtin_constant_p means non constant expressions will always call udelay
>> I spotted this case in a few PPC specific stuffs (fixable), but also in
>> the sys_nanosleep code, and in the de4x5 driver.
>I'll check these two

Forget about them. It was my non-understanding of __builtin_constant_p()
that was causing me the problem. I fixed a few >20000 udelay's (replacing
them with mdelay) in some PPC specific code. I'll send you some patches
later, I have to extract them from my tree. Well... would you accept a
huge pile of PPC patches for 2.2.18 in this case, I can send you my
current diffs (with a bit of cleanup) ?
Those contain almost only pmac-specific stuffs (support for new machines,
sleep fixes, and a few more fixes here or there).


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