RE: K7 on SD11 and 2.2.17: memory not detected

From: Sudhindra Herle (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 12:01:23 EST

Thanks Alan!
In fact, I tested mem=384M and it seems to _not_ crash. So, I assume that it

> The BIOS E801 memory reporting is buggy on a lot of these
> boards. Since the
> vendors dont appear to care you probably want to pass
> mem=383M or mem=384M
> depending if the BIOS uses top of memory for stuff on boot

How would one know if the BIOS uses the upper MB of memory? I poked around
in the BIOS and most of the "shadow" and "cacheable" things are disabled.

Also, is there someone maintaining a list of such known bugs for
CPU+motherboard combo? If there is no-one, I'll be happy to maintain the

Thanks again,

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