Re: [OT] linux article with kernel references

From: James Simmons (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 18:44:39 EST

> >The article isn't that wrong, that several people get paid now for hacking
> >doesn't change much. It's more about proper software engineering, some
> >people call it "a matter of taste" and are born with it, but for other
> >people it's a hard learning process.
> The opinion piece is also (probably) about non-kernel software. It is
> hard to tell because he gives no examples at all. It was not
> pursuasive to me. I've seen terrible code on every system from IBM
> mainframes to Mac. That is not news.

    His grep seems to be two things. Poor software design. This does not
only afflict linux but pretty much everyone. The power behind opensource
is when someone comes around with a better design they can show it to the
world. Then it can be incorporated. We all know linux is not a perfect OS.
In fact we should never think this. The day we do is the day we stop
moving forward.
    The second grep is the delay we see. Well M$ also suffers from this
problem as well as others. I think the root of this problem is each
version of kernel is a massive change. Instead of a bunch of new kernels
with smaller changes a massive redesign is done. Doing it this way is
much harder since new bugs that where not there before show up.

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