Re: Segfaults using xawtv

From: John Coppens (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 09:07:39 EST

On 10 Oct 2000 20:33:59 EST Gnea <> wrote/El dddd>
> You may want to, if you have Gnome installed, try out an app called
> Zapping. I had some weird problems with newer version of xawtv too (my
> bad for not testing it further and sending bug reports to the xawtv
> author(s), i've been pretty busy and i needed a quick fix at the time,
> i'll get off my ass and do something about this soon i hope) but
> zapping works really well and does a better job of syncing frames in a
> larger window, it's at (this is also a
> good idea so u can see if it's xawtv that has problems, or if the
> problem is kernel-level)
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> .oO gnea at rochester dot rr dot com Oo.
> .oO url: Oo.
> "You can tune a filesystem, but you can't tuna fish" -unknown

Hi Gnea... (only name I found in your message)

Thanks for the info! I just downloaded, compiled (no errors) and installed
zapping, but no luck. The moment I enabled the composite input, the system
crashes. It doesn't crash before, I guess, because by default the program
is receiving TV, and no cables is connected - hence no image.

This _does_ help to point to bttv (or the new i2c stack?) instead of xawtv as the
culprit of the situation. Some time ago I tested a webcam from the university here
and ran successfully an older version of bttv (with xawtv). I'll try to reinstall
those next. But then I've also seen some rumors about differences in the kernels
being the cause, and I'm not quite ready to go back to 2.2.10 or so.

Anyway, thanks again, any suggestions welcome.

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