Re: executing function in kernel whose name is known

Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 08:38:19 EST

>> >> i know the name of a function which is stored in some string in a
>> >> module, is there any way to execute that function.
>> >> That function is implemented in a module and has been exported.
>> >> thanks,
>> >> anil
>> >you mean execute from userspace? No.
>> >You mean execute from kernel space? Yes, but you would need to ensure
>> >module cannot be unloaded (by incrementing its module reference
>> >counter) while the function is invoked.
>> >Tigran
>> module having that function won't be unloaded. but my problem is i know
>> only name (a string containing name of the function) but not function
>> pointer. could you please elaborate on how to do this??

>Indeed, there is a function called get_module_symbol() (in
>kernel/module.c) which gets the address of a symbol in the given module.
>Actually, this doesn't even require kdb -- it is in the plain vanilla
>kernel and is even exported to modules...

thanks Tigran,
i got it working by using get_module_symbol();

its something like


(void*)f = get_module_symbol(NULL, "name of the function");

now you have the funtion pointer you can call as you like

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