2.4-9 kernel: APIC error on CPU

From: Lars Callenbach (lars.callenbach@gmx.de)
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 02:39:15 EST

> What is your hardware configuration? i.e. what motherboard, cpu, etc
> are you using? please be specific.

Here is my hardware configuration:
- Gigabyte 6BXDS motherboard (Rev. 1.7; BIOS f1n) with Adaptec 7895
- Adaptec 2940 PCI
- Elsa Erazor X AGP
- ISA soundcard (ESS1688, SB-compatible, not used)
- 3x128MB
- 2xCoppermine 800 (stepping 03)
Im using PS/2-mouse and -keyboard.

Is there other relevant information?


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