Re: 2.2.18pre* + raid +ide patches ??

From: Sasi Peter (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 01:35:09 EST

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Darron Froese wrote:

> Patch the 2.2.17 kernel with ide and raid and then apply 18pre patches to
> that.
> If you get rejected pieces you may have to hand merge some but that's how
> I've done it in the past.

At least Ingo has made a raid patch for 2.2.18pre13, which patches for
pre15 also, w/ 1 reject (makefile - EXTRAVERSION = pre13 + ...
pre13-RAID). Patch is named: raid-2.2.18-A1

Actually I also use the ide patch w/ this kernel, the latest from bkz:
This one patches w/ ~6 rejects, I run through them, the changes do not
affect my setup (1 in the arm-asm subtree, two ALi chipset, one rz1000

The right order to patch: 2.2.17 + ide + pre-patch + raid (I also use USB,
but finally it's merged ;)

The really important question is if pre-patch-2.2.18-15.bz2 contains any
pieces to stop 'VM: try_to_free_memory_failed for XXX messages' coming,
and temporarily freezing the box? (whilst they are coming, nothing else

-- SaPE

Peter, Sasi <>

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