Re: Updated 2.4 TODO List

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 18:03:50 EST

> It is not a configuration that I currently test. I am told it mostly
> works, though some client drivers are not SMP safe. It is something
> that should be fixed eventually, for sure, but given the number of
> open issues with PCMCIA in 2.4, I don't think it is high on the list.
> If you want to say that PCMCIA on SMP is unsupported until someone
> carefully checks it out and fixes these things, I suppose that's fine.

If we wish to do this then we might as well be honest about the current code
and say
        'power management doesnt work on SMP either'

alternatively the right thing to do is to fix both PM and the pcmcia. Most of
the PCMCIA can be fixed for 2.4 by dropping lock_kernel() around the relevant
areas. Sure its ugly but PCMCIA hot swapping is not a critical performance code


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