Re: spurious 8259A interrupt?

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 17:45:16 EST

> > Initializing CPU#0
> You are using a SMP kernel on a `386 UP machine. That tends to make
> these burps show up. It is harmless, though.

It says this either way

> > Console: colour VGA+ 80x25
> > Calibrating delay loop... 3.10 BogoMIPS
> This shows something I don't understand. Either the counter wrapped,
> a timer is mis-programmed, or the CPU clock speed is about 1.5 MHz.

3 bogomips is right for a 386SX

> You should look into this. Older kernels generally show the BogoMIPS
> as being about equal to the CPU clock speed +/- 20%. Newer kernels
> generally show it being about 2 times the clock speed +/- 20%.

Only if they have a TSC

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