Re: Updated 2.4 TODO List

Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 13:08:45 EST

> > So I propose that this item be removed simply by stating "Linux 2.4 does
> > not support PCMCIA on multiprocessors". Comments, David?
> There are some people who use PCMCIA on SMP desktop boxes; many
> wireless network cards are only made as PCMCIA cards, and the "desktop
> version" consists of an ISA or PCI card reader plus a card.
> It is not a configuration that I currently test. I am told it mostly
> works, though some client drivers are not SMP safe. It is something
> that should be fixed eventually, for sure, but given the number of
> open issues with PCMCIA in 2.4, I don't think it is high on the list.
> If you want to say that PCMCIA on SMP is unsupported until someone
> carefully checks it out and fixes these things, I suppose that's fine.
> -- Dave

I am one of those people that uses PCMCIA on an SMP machine, I also use 2.4. Aside from the very occasional problem, I don't see any locking issues. Is it possible to just leave it as is with a warning?

If someone is willing to help get me started? I'll go through and try to clean up the SMP safeness issues.


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