RE: getting "struct pci_dev" from "struct netdevice"

From: Phillips, Mike (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 10:27:03 EST

> Doesn't work for all devices. Also since base_addr is truncated to
> 16-bits when passed to ifconfig, this gets even nastier for userspace.

You do the best you can with what's available :)

> ...and noone but the driver can trust this information to be pointing to
> an up-to-date struct netdevice.

Shame, perhaps this can be enforced as part of the new pci api.

> Since struct pci_dev is probably going to morph into a more generic
> struct hw_dev, maybe struct netdevice needs a pci_dev member...

Would be nice, or perhaps netdevice should expose a function to return
the information and let the driver provide the specifics.

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