[PATCH] interface for pc-keyb extetion

From: Michael Westermann (mw@microdata-pos.de)
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 04:05:38 EST


I have a few PS2 / POS-Keyboard's (POS = Point of sale).
All the Keyboard have all additional devices, they ar Keylock,
Magnetical Reader, and Display's. All the Devices work
over the pc-Keyboard Controller.
I have written an extention for the pc_keyb.c Modul.
With this modul can I use the Standard - Functionen from
the pc-Keyb, but I can handle the additional Scancodes.
I can use a additions write routine for write Display-Data
and Spezially init Sequences.

Expample: A keylock-Change send's the scancode sequence
<Make Ctrl><Break Ctrl><Break Ctrl> 'K' {Keyposition}

My extention is simple, I think this Patch is interrest for
all the exotic Keyboard'a with exotic Key's.

I test the patch with the kernel 2.2.16

I have attacht a Simple Modul what use the extention,
(sorry a first test module)


Michael Westermann

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