Re: 3dfx voodoo5 framebuffer patch...(w/actual patch this time)

From: Aaron Botsis (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 20:03:47 EST

whoops. Here's a resend with the actual patch attached. :)
one of those days I guess?

Attached is a patch to include 3dfx voodoo5 framebuffer support.
Looking for comments.

Doesn't do much other than check for the voodoo5 device id. It also
doesn't do anything voodoo5 specific. (voodoo5 is apparently backward
compatible to the voodoo3) But I changed some of the code to make it
easier to add future voodoo cards that may not be backward compatible.

It may or may not work with the voodoo4. It surely won't work if the
voodoo4's pci devid is different from the voodoo5's...

If someone wants to send me an lspci of their voodoo4, I'll add support
for it as well.

bash# modprobe rd rd_size=131070 ; mkswap /dev/ram0 ; swapon /dev/ram0

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