[OT] Linux running on an AMD Duron-700Mhz

From: Graham TerMarsch (graham@howlingfrog.com)
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 19:57:40 EST

First, my apologies for an OT request here. We recently upgraded one of
our machines here to a Duron 700Mhz running on a QDI mainboard, and haven't
been able to get a few recent Linux distros to install reasonably on it.
RH6.2 installs but chokes constantly whenever we exit the X-server
(XFree-3.3.6, running on an S3V Trio64), and Linux-Mandrake 7.1 won't even
install on the system.

I know that this is a fairly "recent" system and as such the hardware
support in the kernels distributed with the distros aren't necessarily up
to date. Wanted to find out from others on this list who are running
Durons what distro they're running so that I can try to get this machine up
and going again. Please reply off-list to "graham@howlingfrog.com".

Graham TerMarsch
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