Re: Why 2 cli in vga_vesa_blank?

From: James Simmons (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 00:17:36 EST

> > While working on vgacon I noticed their are 2 cli() in vga_vesa_blank
> > that are excuted one after another. Is their are a reason for this or
> > shoudl it be just one cli()?
> If you look at vgacon.c you still see remains of what the code used to
> look like. Now comapare with vga16fb.c and it is clear what happened.

After I sent the message I see what was bothering me. Actually the code in
vgacon is correct and their is a bug in vga16fb with its own version of
vga_vesa_blank. I was actually looking at vga16fb instead of vgacon. My
mistake especially since both codes are som much alike. In vga_vesa_blank
in vga16fb you have:


/* save orginal ...
if (!info->vesa_blanked) {

Where it should be as in vgacon.c:

  if (!info->vesa_blanked) {


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