Re: 2.4.0-test9 + Winchip2/2A processor family == hang on boot

Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 16:14:19 EST (Frank de Lange) wrote..

> Subject says it all... If I select 'Winchip 2' or 'Winchip 2A/Winchip 3'
> for 'Processor Family' and try to boot the kernel on an iopener with a
> Winchip 2A, the show stops right after the 'decompressing the
> kernel.......' line is displayed. Nothing happens. It just freezes...

Try the patch at ..

My Winchip 2A box is still running 2.2, so I've not looked at this
in depth, but I reordered some code in that patch. After lunch[1] I'll
compile a test9 on there, and see what I come up with.



[1] Bodyclock? Timezone?

| Dave Jones <>
| SuSE Labs

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