update to plug-in scheduler modules for Linux

From: Scott Rhine (rhine@rsn.hp.com)
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 15:40:39 EST

See out website
for this month's updates to Plug-in Schedulers for Linux.

Check out the new "constant" time scheduler!

change summary :
1. new module: const_sched.c
2. new xconfig buttons to conditionally build each scheduler module.
3. rename of alt_policy.c to altpolicy.c for consistency with header file.
4. some code movement from altpolicy.h to sched.h
5. enhancement to pset.c: ifdef so same code base builds on all 3 OS versions.
6. enhancement to pset.c: remove limitation of CPU 0 belonging to pset 0.
7. enhancement to pset_test.c: match new CPU 0 behavior.
8. bug fix for psetps.c: add third argument to strncpy.
9. bug fix for psetps.c: quote -o arguments for pass through to real ps.
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