Re: usb and smp problems with 2.4.0-test9/2.2.18-pre15

From: Greg KH (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 15:33:57 EST

On Mon, Oct 09, 2000 at 01:59:23PM -0400, Pete Toscano wrote:
> anyway, i don't recall all of the usb errors, but i think there was
> "breadth" in it, it had about four lines of error message produced and
> they kept repeating until i unplugged all usb devices, and there were
> timeouts. useful, eh? =8] like i said, i can get this info to you if
> you think it'd be helpful.

It would be very helpful to see the real errors, thanks.

> i'm using a usb mouse. i have two usb hubs -- one in my keyboard
> (ms natural pro) and one in my monitor (nokia 446xpro). i also have a
> usb compact flash card reader and a rio 500. the mouse and the reader
> are usually plugged into the monitor and the rio is plugged into the
> keyboard, if at all.
> i'll send my .config file if you think it'd be helpful.

Can't hurt.

> it's set to mps 1.1. linux has issues with 1.4?

The USB code didn't like it for some SMP motherboards a while ago. This
should be cured now, but is a good place to start if you are having

> if it's not a problem, would you please send the patches or point me to
> where i can pick them up?

There are patches needed for the usb-uhci.c driver, and the hub.c driver
that you are using (there also other fixes for other drivers that you
don't mention that you are using, like usbserial, visor, bluetooth, and
others, see the patch manager page for these.)

I've attached the patches that you need for 2.4.0-test9.

But your response about 2.2.18pre15 also troubles me, as I have not had
any other problems mentioned about this tree. Kernel debug messages
would greatly help out with this.

And let me know if you still have a problem with 2.4.0-test9 after
you've applied these patches.


greg k-h


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