Request for TODO file

From: Eric Bresie (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 15:31:56 EST

I was looking through the current versions of the kernel, was re-reading
through some past "TODO before release" sort of messages, and was wondering,
could these TODO type of items be included in an actual TODO file at the
source top level (or in the Documentation if this would be more appropriate)
and/or included in each level like some of the other areas, (like fs) areas
seem to have? Either that or move all the TODO into the top level one, with
the top level being segmented to the areas of relevance (like a mm, fs, etc

The existing TODO type list I refer to are those produced by Kenneth C.
Arnold ( ) (who is doing a fine job I might
add) and formerly by Alan Cox.

And from these TODOs move the completed ones to the Changes file. This is
just to try an centralize some of these TODO relate items. If it was done
this way, it might make some of the areas where additional work is needed a
little more apparent (took me a little time to hunt down Kenneth's web

Hopefully, once the item has been fixed, it can be cut from one document and
moved to another, with a patch that is included to make the changes

Then of course after the next official release, the new Changes can be
removed to make sure that the Changes file doesn't continue to grow with old
information, but still traceable.

Just a suggestion.

Eric Bresie

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