Re: [PATCH] Link order of drivers outside drivers/scsi

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 13:24:03 EST

> > You have to do Buslogic and AHA17xx before AHA15xx or you get a wrong driver
> > and in the 17xx case data corruption risks
> Hmm.. The current order is the same as in 2.2.x, and puts aha17xx _after_
> the other ones. Or did that change in the later 2.2.x series?

I will double check that with Eric Youngdale. It may be the driver in the 1542
code was changed to detect a 17xx and leave it alone at some point in 2.0
days. The buslogic one the comments still claim is needed

> > You must do scsi before i2o_scsi or AMI Megaraids break
> So change the drivers/Makefile to put scsi before i2o and
> drivers/scsi/Makefile to do the aha17xx thing first, and we're all done.


> (Not that I think any distribution would come with i2o even enabled at
> this point, and the scsi ones all tend to be modules too).

Actually RH7 does I believe support it, but modular.

> End of story. No "reorganizations" needed.


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