Re: [PATCH] console palette fix

From: James Simmons (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 19:54:16 EST

> I've seen the problem on both of my computers with Creative Riva TNT2. On
> this card the palette turns darker. On other cards the palette turns to
> rubbish or corrupted in another fashionable ways. It's a bug in those
> cards - switching to video mode and back to text mode doesn't preserve the
> text mode palette so the OS must restore it by itself.

Now looking closer to the XFree86 code your right. It is buggy hardware.
XFree86 X servers do attempt to reset the VGA palette themselves for all
cards. It is basic code and should work on all video cards.

> about this problem exactly. Read the console.c of 2.4 - Linus already
> patched it this way (your patch and then my patch), so I suggest we do the
> same in 2.2.

Agree. Alan please patch 2.2.X with both are patches.

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