Re: Newer motherboards / CPU's / hardware with Linux

From: Andre Tomt (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 04:13:02 EST

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Andre Hedrick wrote:
> You are doing Ultra-66 speeds my friend.
> The fastest ATA drives out that are not public yet are in 39-42mB/s.
> Also SCSI can not sustain rates much better than maybe 60mB/s.

Actually, my other IBM UDMA33 drive did 20mB/s on a 600mB IDE to SCSI
transfer in, oh my gosh, Windows NT4 (copied a ISO file), on a UDMA33
controller (also VIA, busmaster driver). And that was on a p166mmx running
nicely at 100Mhz x 2.5 (250Mhz).

Using a newer ATA66 IBM 7200rpm drive, on a VIA chipset, I can sustain
24-25mB/s in both UDMA33 and ATA66 mode. This is a Athlon Asus
K7M system.

Running 2.2.17 on the ATA66 chipset, I get a error claiming that the
driver does not yet support UDMA3 and 4 when I enable ATA66 and DMA
using hdparm -X68 -d 1 -c 1 -k 1 -K 1. That's even with the
2.2.17 IDE patches.

In 2.4 however, it goes up to ATA66 automaticly, as shown by

(VT82C586 IDE [Apollo])

> Sure I can get 100mB/s in ATA on an analizer as can SCSI do 160mB/s in
> that environment.

I was talking 24-25mB/s - not 100mB/s. Biiiig difference ;-)

The 10k rpm u160scsi drive, yet again a IBM, sustains
about 34-38mB/s.

Remember, I'm not talking fragmented reads here. Thats is a whole
different universe. .


Andre Tomt

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