Re: Updated 2.4 TODO List

From: Mitchell Blank Jr (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 01:24:49 EST wrote:
> 4. Boot Time Failures
> * IBM Thinkpad 390 won't boot since 2.3.11 (See Decklin Foster for
> more info)

I _highly_ suspect that this is not a 2.4 bug but is instead user error.
I've seen it several times.

On all kernel versions prior to 2.3.11 if you compiled with the CPU set
to a newer model then you had (for instance, of you selected "Pentium Pro"
and you actually had a 486) you would get a kernel that worked fine albiet
not optimally. On kernels 2.3.11 you will have an unbootable kernel.

Decklin - please try to reproduce this with CONFIG_M386. Also you might
try looking in /proc/cpuinfo and make sure that laptop has the CPU you
think it has. The reason I know which kernel version this problem appeared
in is because I spent an entire evening chasing this same "kernel bug"
a couple months ago. Turned out the machine I could have _sworn_ was a
Celeron was a K6 :-)

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