Re: Calling current() from interrupt context

From: Jamie Lokier (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 18:02:21 EST wrote:
> Looking at the [network] code, I don't see any places where "current"
> is not valid.
> Got some examples?

Damn I'm being dense tonight. No, that bug was due to calling "current"
from the wrong process context, not from an invalid context.
(Self-flagellate, self-flaggelate).

> BTW: there is an implicit reference to "current" in smp_processor_id.

Yes I forgot about that. (Self-flagellate). However that is
architecture specific. If it's not an SMP Vax port, no big deal. If it
is, there's a way to arrange that smp_processor_id returns the correct
processor id even from the interrupt stack.

-- Jamie

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