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From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 16:33:58 EST


> > > Erm?
> > > * setuid is a fscking wart - THE mistake of dmr and/or ken.
> >
> > If not urban legend, dmr was the patent owner.
> Erm... That would be a nice way to bury one's mistake - patent it and
> refuse to license ;-) Unfortunately, didn't happen...


> > So you need some hackery to make mount(8) cause change in all
> > namespaces at once. Whatever is done, this will be gross.
> > I suppose you'd require a loopback of some sort, so that one
> > might rip the real filesystem out from under /var/mail instead
> > of trying to unmount it in 50 different namespaces... ugh.
> Not. Loopback would be gross, but I'm not proposing it. OTOH, getting all
> mailreaders work with IMAP with _no_ changes in said mailreaders is a
> Good Thing(tm). So is free (for mailreaders) support of any weird
> protocol, format and location of mailbox, locking scheme, etc. - do it in
> one place and that's it. Everything looks like we have the mailbox in
> fixed format on local filesystem, no matter WTF is actually out there.
> And guess what? It doesn't have to be one process and it's nowhere near
> the kernel mode, or even suid.

What does this have to do with private namespaces?

mailfsd /dev/coda0 --enable-imap &
mount /dev/coda0 /var/spool/mail

It looks easy to me, today and without private namespaces.
[Shall I hack podfuk into providing imap? Okay, it would not be easy
* /var/spool/mail/xxx is _writable_, so your imap dream is probably
dream. What does your mailfs do when someone does cat /bin/bash >
* podfuk is has file granularity

I could see it working with some kind of directory format, however.]

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