Re: Reserving a (large) memory block

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Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 11:32:21 EST

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> Now the device behaves just like memory to the BIOS during POST
> etc, and is in fact, exactly memory if no device drivers are loaded.
> If a device driver is loaded and it detects one or more of these
> devices then they and their memory ranges become obviously special.
> Now, we can detect the devices and where their address ranges are
> via the SMBUS and some careful probing so we know what we are trying
> to grab. The problem is just telling the rest of the kernel that in
> a clean VM&heap-happy manner.

How do you know what SMBUS address to use? Probing the SMBUS looking for
devices has a tendency to lock the SMBUS and require a complete power down to

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