Re: [PATCH] mtrr: s/suser/capable/

From: Tigran Aivazian (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 08:14:29 EST

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Chris Evans wrote:
> I'm not sure about /proc/kcore (it looks to be read only),

even reading from certaing ioremap'd areas is dangerous. (ok current
/proc/kcore prevents that from happening by skipping such).

> but /dev/mem
> and /dev/kmem are good examples.

speaking of /dev/kmem, I always wondered why Alan Cox (or someone
else?) objected to adding vwrite() ability to write to vmalloc'd addresses
via /dev/kmem and this discussion is as good as any to ask here :)

I.e. it is kind of assymetric to allow reading (via vread()) and disallow
writing. I have a patch (by Amit Kale) that adds this support.


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