Re: 2.4.0-test7: umount + mount = same directory (CD)

From: Tony Hoyle (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 07:24:42 EST

Eugene Crosser wrote:
> The problem that I reported for -test6 is still here:
> I have a mounted CD. "ls -l /mount/point" shows its directory.
> If I do umount /mount/point, replace CD with another one
> and mount on the same point (I did not try different mount point),
> "ls -l" shows the directory from the *first* CD. If I try
> to "mount" and empty tray, then insert a CD and mount it,
> I see the directory of the new CD.
There are several problems I've seen with recent kernels' CD access:

You can mount CD in the same directory multiple times, which gets hairy
there in daemons (gnomish things) mounting them in the background as
Door locking is broken, so you can eject a CD which is still mounted.

I've also had the CD drivers randomly returning the first session of a
disk - on
the Redhat Pinstripe CD for example (which has a bunch of boot images on
its first

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