Speed increase on SMP in 2.4.0 test 6 and up

From: Michael Bielicki (Michael.Bielicki@Parmastocks.com)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 05:37:10 EST

Hi there,
I have tested two servers now since the release of test6 in production
mode with samba fileserver and with nfs and with MIMER RDBMS

Configuration was the following:

Abit BP6 with 2 * Celeron 466, no overclocking
768 MB RAM
6 * Fujitsu UW SCSI 9GB
2 * Tekram 390 F Controller
All filesystems running reiserfs 3.16 hash r5
AVM FritzCard PCI with rawIP setup for connection between two servers

The speed increase against 2.2.16 with the same config and reiserfs was
roughly triple on samba response time and double on the rdbms.

The ISDN connection throughput increased extremely and the CPU usage
went down by half.

This is not measured with tools, but with 75 samba clients, a connected
life stock trading server on the internet using apache and php4 and
roughly 20.000 to 50.000 db transactions a day (low volume since it's a
beta test right now).

I am heavily impressed, besides my shared memory problem with Informix
and Sybase
this is excellent.

Michael Bielicki

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