Re: 2.4.0-test8-pre1 on SPARC: Warning patch (take 2)

From: David S. Miller (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 16:18:16 EST

   Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 13:49:52 -0400
   From: Horst von Brand <>

   The patch to sbus_unmap_single() is done on the theory that the
   least generic types mentioned for the arguments are probably right,
   please check. No new warnings now (at least here).

I still don't like this change. If this is such an important issue,
why did you keep sbus_map_single returning u32, and taking long
instead of size_t as one of it's arguments?

To me, this makes it seem like an arbitrary change with no real
purpose, it's creating more problems, and leaving around a few
instances of the problem it claims to solve.

(Hint: Fix this up so it uses the correct types for all the
       sbus DMA interfaces on sparc32 and I'll have no problems
       with the patch. Sparc64 already does this all correctly.)

David S. Miller
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